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Abergavenny People First is hosted by Care Matters Wales and is a special group for adults with learning disabilities.

Abergavenny People First is part of All Wales People First and is all about helping people to have their say.

All are welcome!

Abergavenny People First
is supported by Monmouthshire County Council.

Please contact us through:

Care Matters Wales,
18 Church Street
CF32 9AU

01656 723 002     
sheilagh.gunston@btinternet.com      www.carematterswales.co.uk

Sheilagh Gunston,
Facilitator for Abergavenny People First


We would love to hear what you think about Abergavenny People First or about our web site!

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Abergavenny People First is supported by Monmouthshire County Council
and facilitated by Sheilagh Gunston of Care Matters Wales
 www.carematterswales.co.uk  *** sheilagh.gunston@btinternet.com *** 01656 723 002

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